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He released his first album "There’s So Much That I Need To Say" in the Netherlands on October 10th 1998. The old members of his former band helpt him withnthe recordings.

On December15th 2008, Eddy released his new single "A Beautiful Memory" with "Couldn’t Sleep At All" as the second song. The music is played by the musicians of his band "Side Effect" and the songs were written by Eddy himself. In 2009, "A Beautiful Memory" was nominated for Song Of The Year 2008.

In December 2012, Eddy’s EP "I Need You" was released with four songs written by himself. The music of three songs on this EP were recorded in Nashville, the vocals were recorded at the Nixward Studio in Scherpenzeel.

During the Dutch Country Music Award 2013 was Eddy's song "I Need You" voted Song of the Year 2012 and the award was handed over from the hands of the jury chairman Richard Lamers.

During the weekend of October 25-27th 2013,  Eddy won the 3e place at the 3e Country Music Euro Masters 2013, held in Neustadt Germany.

In November 2015, Eddy participate at the Country Music Awards 2015 in Pullman City, located in the German Egging Am See. There he won the 3rd prize in the category soloist.

In March 2016, Eddy was told his own written song "I Need You" was voted song of the month by the Akademia Music Awards in Nashville, USA.

On Saturday, April 9th, 2016 Eddy has released his new EP, "A Happy Man" , with five own written songs. The music was recorded in Nashville.

Eddy Gee is available, as duo or solo for performances in clubs, venues, theatres and festivals as well as singer-songwriter events. For more information on booking Eddy Gee. More info!